The Phenomenal Bay of Fundy

Comparable only to the Amazon in marine biodiversity and sharing a border with the US State of Maine, New Brunswick’s side of the Bay of Fundy is the unspoiled, serene adventure travel mecca of Atlantic Canada. The Fundy Coastal Drive, shouldering the phenomenal Bay of Fundy, offers a rare pocket of scenic splendor that’s home to one of the planet’s best collections of migratory whales, birds, and marine mammals. It is also one of the key feeding grounds for the protected and legendary sea giant, the rare North Atlantic Right whale.

Few places in Canada are as awe-inspiring as the Fundy Coastal Drive starting with Hopewell Rocks , proudly boasting the best place to experience the highest tides in the world (up to 14 m / 48 ft.), which rise and fall twice a day, every day. Here you can walk on the ocean floor and six hours later kayak on the very same spot! You’ll be amazed as you witness 160 billion tons of seawater surround the Hopewell Rocks.

DON’T MISS… The Hopewell Rocks, Cape Enrage, Fundy National Park, The Fundy Trail & Fundy Footpath, SKYWALK Saint John, St. Andrews by-the-Sea and the Fundy Isles Archipelago.

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